It's all about the applications that can be built for this hardware. It’s really that simple. I was reading some music industry media about the iPad and it's amazing how they look at it with an old school approach. The iPad could finally bring "augmented reality" applications to the music space.

For example, get two iPads, and turn each into a virtual turntable and mix away. While you're doing that, digitally record your set to send as a playlist to friends. Or imagine that the iPad, when rotated or tilted, gives you a 3D image that moves. This would not only change the virtual experience, but also change how set design and album design are approached.

Or look at it old school; imagine watching a movie or TV show, and whenever music is used, you can see what it is and add to your library.

Reality is infinite for this hardware to shape and change how we perceive so many things.

It only takes one idea.