Music, I love great music written by sincere people. The new Barenaked Ladies music is amazing, simply amazing!!!!! As a band they are in such a good space and it shows as they enter the studio to record an album set for release this Fall.

"At peace with Gravity", a Sarah McLachlan lyric from a new song. Lilith Fair 2010 in both North America and Europe. The Great Lake Swimmers album FUN FUN FUN! Nate of Format fame has delivered the best summer album in a long time. Fresh, imaginative, it's the real homemade lemonade.

Look at how well the new Jars of Clay album is doing. Number 1 two weeks running. Their song "Hero" deserves huge attention.

Ash Koley my new faves, (think Eurythmics).

So looking forward to hearing new Griffin House songs, such a talent.