What's on my mind....

It’s funny I have people commenting on how they read my blog, to the point that I now feel guilty for not blogging more. But then again maybe that's why they like it!! (((Laughter)))
Ok a few (of many) topics that have been on my mind:
Lilith 2010
We started working on the return of Lilith in May of this year, it’s funny as I forgot just how much work it takes to bring Lilth to be and we have just started. One thing is clear, it's a reality!! If you want the news as it’s announced I suggest you follow as Sarah McLachlan as she will be tweeting the big announcements starting in a few weeks as we unfold 2010 version: http://twitter.com/lilithfair
We are very close to launching the website which will make it much easier for artists and managers to access information and apply if they want. We will also see an announcement in the next month or so on the first Artist Joint Ventures.
Sarah McLachlan
Sarah is well into the new album as we aim for a June 2010 release. The NBC Olympic spots will be starting soon featuring "One Dream".
Nobel peace prize! Is it just m or has his election shifted the attitudes of millions from fear to hope? Lets drop the political BS and get off our collective asses and start doing things to make this world a better place. Obama will not be perfect, neither are we who praise or criticize him, but we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what can we do to make this world a better place. For me a really good place to start is by respecting others, so I say lets send a warm round of applause to the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Nettwerk 25 years
Yes it's upon us, wow, as I try not to think about how truly it’s just begun. So look forward to some cool collectibles and fun releases in the next year including a tell-all book.
Things I am looking forward to in this month, sleep, Helsinki, yoga, U2 concert, Mira singing in tune, Kai's latest Lego creation, Dad's birthday, trick-or-treating, sweaters, fireplace and Mu tea.