Jennie Bellestar Matthias


Jennie Bellestar Matthias


Jennie Matthias' boundless energy was first given room for expression with The Belle Stars, as they benchmarked the music business with their all girl group in the cornucopic pop scene of the early '80s. Following the release of three original singles Hiawatha, Slick Trick and Another Latin Love Song they finally scored their first Top 40 UK chart hit with ’Iko Iko’ in 1982, a cover version of the 60’s classic by The Dixie Cups. The Belle Stars version proved to have further longevity by becoming a Top 20 hit in the US in 1988 and a chart success worldwide following it’s appearance in the Oscar winning US movie ’Rain Man’ featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The Belle Stars released a further 7 singles after Iko Iko, scoring their biggest hit with their signature tune ‘Sign of The Times’ which reached No. 2 in the UK charts and was a Top 10 hit in Europe. During this period they toured with the likes of The Clash, The Police, Elvis Costello, The Alarm and Madness. Jennie was also asked by Paul Weller to sing on "The Bitterest Pill" still one of The Jam's most played singles.

In 1987, along with her friend and former Mo-Dette Melissa Ritter, Jennie formed ‘Dance Like A Mother’. They recorded tracks with The System, - Mic Murphy & David Frank in New York and Randy Jackson, Preston Glass & Narada Michael Walden in San Rafael, California. They were signed to Virgin and released two singles ‘You Ain‘t So Tough‘and ’Private Number'. The video for ’You Ain’t So Tough’ was a parody of the ‘Addicted to Love’ video by Robert Palmer.

Jennie has written with various other artists such as Acid Jazzites The Night Trains and it was with this band that she penned one of the Hacienda’s fave rave dance tracks BRING BACK THE BUSTOP

In 1995/1996 Jennie formed the ska-punk band Big 5 with ex-Bad Manners members and together they wrote; recorded three albums and performed live as a band attracting a truly staunch following. Jennie has since played several festivals globally over the years with various SKA bands generally taking centre stage where she belongs as a featured vocalist further expanding her fan base

1-STOP-EXPERIENCE is more than the latest band by a versatile professional, they are a tight fresh take one a much loved and tradition respecting genre. Having formed 2 years ago they have harnessed and accrued a loyal following, band members change periodically but the music remains the same, true uplifting SKA, traditional, but with a twist. Jennie, Skip McDonald and the band are presently writing a new album along with other members of the band. She has also been awarded access to Adrian Sherwood’s library of songs adding her cross dimensional flavour…Jennie is an all round songwriter and performer, she is rarely happier than when presented with a kick-arse track accompanied by the words ................ "see what you can do with that .................".