Jessie Jo Dillon


Jessie Jo Dillon


Often described as disarming, Grammy nominated songwriter Jessie Jo Dillon doesn't shy away from her passion for songs: "Words and music are my truest loves, my best friends, always have been. My heart wholly belongs to them and always will." It's with this attitude and a style all her own that she has begun making a name for herself in Nashville's eclectic music community.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, she grew up on three chord country and classic rock 'n roll. "I try to learn from the masters," among others, she credits Hank Williams Sr., Conor Oberst, her father-Dean Dillon, Bobby Braddock, Bob McDill, Hank Cochran, Jagger/Richards, and Don Henley as major inspirations and it shows. "Every time I write I want to be honest, almost have to be honest. I try to capture any raw emotion, really. I just want to write songs that make you feel something, bring back how you felt in a certain moment, or create a new memory."

With a Grammy nominated single, "The Breath You Take", recorded by the legendary George Strait, and a new LeAnn Rimes single, "Crazy Women," making serious headlines and climbing the charts, it's looking like she has an ample career ahead of her. "I'm just like anybody else... trying to put my finger on what this heartbreaking but beautiful world is all about." Clearly, that shines through in her songs.

Dillon signed an Exclusive Songwriter; CoPublishing Agreement and Exclusive Administration Agreement


The Breath You Take

George Straight