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Dan Fraser



Dan Fraser began his music industry career on the road at 17 years of age, consistently traveling over 250 days per year and moving up through the ranks in the touring world to tour manager, before co-founding the Nettwerk Music Group and becoming President of Nettwerk Management. As president, Fraser oversees all clients, artist managers, employees, financials, and contract negotiations. Further, Fraser manages all aspects of the touring careers of Juno and Grammy award-winning clients. He also contributes to the overall strategic development of the Nettwerk Music Group, along with the other three co-founders. In 1996, Fraser, along with Sarah McLachlan, Terry McBride, and Marty Diamond, co-founded the famed Lilith Fair tours, which ran from 1996-1999, and will be reappearing in 2010. Fraser is also a founder and currently oversees the long-term strategic operations of AMP Merchandising, a division within the Nettwerk Music Group. Recently, Fraser has sat on the board of directors for the 2007 Memorial Cup and 2006 World Junior Hockey Championships held in British Columbia. He was an Executive Producer for the 2002 BC Cancer Benefit and the 2005 Tsunami Relief Benefit. Currently, Fraser serves on the Ceremonies Production team for the 2010 Winter Olympics.