Archertown is an American country music duo made up of newlyweds Natalie and Kyle Archer. After growing up on different sides of the United States, a chance meeting in a New York City recording studio elevator started their journey together to the place they now call Archertown. Their sound is a fresh take on contemporary country music, which has opened the door for collaborations with writers such as Brett James, Luke Laird, Chris Lindsey, Nathan Chapman, O.A.R., Ron Aniello and many more Nashville notables. Natalie (Distler) has also had success as an actress, starring in the Emmy nominated FX television series “Rescue Me” as Denis Leary’s daughter Colleen Gavin. The duo now resides in Nashville, TN, where they are signed to Nettwerk One Music for publishing and are writing for their own upcoming project as well as for other artists. They are thrilled to be following their dreams together.