Coury Palermo

Coury Palermo has been making music since he was 11 years old. Something in his nature couldn’t keep him from making melody, lyrics and his mom’s old guitar come together in unique ways. During the process and resulting years, life happened and shaped this Nashville- based musician into the artist he is. To say it quickly: Coury makes music for people who love music. He marries a well turned phrase with a melody that seems to fit like a glove and does what an artist does: creates something that hints at just a little bit of magic around the edges. On this, his first full length release, the broken way we love, we hear his truly unique critique of the world around him and we are reminded that music is simply more than something that plays in the background, it is something that adds to who we are as people.
When Coury was 13 he found his mom’s’76 Epiphone Sunburst guitar and never looked back. He began arranging vocals at age 15, a skill that serves him well on this current record. A record which ranges from the confessional “waiting for daylight” to the lovers lullaby of “hush” we begin a journey into a relationship finished. As evidenced by the deeply personal, “you’re all I know”, Coury is not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable moments in life. And tucked into the middle of the record one finds hidden soulfulness in “bitter/sweet”.
Coury, who writes most of his songs in the car and with his iPhone set to memo, says that “Wherever I am in life is very apparent in my lyrics.” This first solo, full-length record’s title, the broken way we love, indicates that there is something here to not walk too quickly past. The songs are about the aftermath of a relationship. How you felt when you realized it was not meant to be, recalling the first time you were taken advantage of, the moments you now clearly see as distance loans you her perspective. This record explores it all and then fights to make peace with it. A journey we can each relate to in very personal ways.
As a songwriter, Coury has partnered with an eclectic range of writers. Recent collaborations include, Tim Kellet (Simply Red), Morgan Page, Justin Elswick (Sleepthief), Ian Pai & Michael Cheever of Fischerspooner, Andy Chase (Ivy), Ken Harrison (Wild Strawberries) and Sam Bisbee. Additionally, Coury is part of a new pop/rock duo called “The Fury” with singer/songwriter Jennifer Paige. They are currently in the studio working on their full-length debut, which will highlight a different aspect of Coury’s musical abilities.
But one question remains: How do you survive as an independent artist in a world full of music? Coury sums it up: "Be willing to accept advice but know who you are and don't let anyone make you into their interpretation of you. All we have in this life is what makes us different - find it and kick and scream until someone sees it.”