H. Hawkline

Welsh singer-songwriter H.Hawkline is the catchiest thing to emerge from Lundy island since the 2007 Norovirus outbreak. Currently recording his third album, his latest release The Black Domino Box EP finds Mr Hawkline in a state of flux. Where as his previous albums A Cup Of Salt and The Strange Uses Of Ox Gall, released on Cardiff's most vital label; Shape, were exercises in Sandy Bull powered finger picking and field recordings, with only a pinch of songwriting, Hawkline has undergone a Dylanesque electrical epiphany, becoming a jangling guitar hero of 1983 to 1996 vintage in the process, simultaneously fully embracing the song. This change is as dramatic as his move to the mainland, (when the island was quarantined) where, after moving to Cardiff, Hawkline makes a living playing shows, presenting an experimental late night radio show, painting and decorating, purveying the graphic arts and providing voiceovers for dubious after hours products.

He was a member of Means Heinz, Cardiff's very own Crucial Three, who also boasted Cate Le Bon and Sweet Baboo. Disbanding after just two gigs, all the members, including drummer R. Seiliog, have all become prolific solo artists. All reunited to back up their friend on his astonishing latest EP. Lyrically, Hawkline channels his idol Richard Brautigan through a rough cement mixture of sludge rock, Felt and seaweed, listing his possessions in his rented room in what is a poignant appraisal of a dispossessed generation of multi-tasking, rarely paid young musicians. Casey Raymond's corresponding video depicts Hawkline digging his own grave; surely any songwriter would happily have this EP as their epitaph.

*H. Hawkline is an EPA/NW1 co published client