Jupiter One

New York five-piece Jupiter One's fresh sound breathes new life into stale stereotypes of indie rock. Born out of an urge to create mini-orchestral pieces, Jupiter One has dedicated its life to producing well-designed rock. In operation since 2003,the chemistry of these five individuals has expanded the boundaries of songwriting by incorporating new textures to create a different aural experience for each song. Many fans have compared Jupiter one to the early pioneering works of Pink Floyd, Genesis, and the Beatles. Others have appropriated more modern Brit-rock and Euro-funk associations such as Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, and Daft Punk.

Jupiter One continually plays all over New York City and the east coast drawing solid crowds from DC to Boston. Among favorite downtown NY venues Tribeca Rock Club, Knitting Factory, Piano's, and Arlene's Grocery they've built a strong foundation of fans who have come to expect a performance overflowing with great songs and intense energy. Live, the musical dexterity of Jupiter One is fully realized as lead vocalist K Ishibashi quickly moves from violin to electric guitar and multi-instrumentalist Zac Colwell strokes the keys of his Juno-60 with guitar on back ready and waiting for the right moment. The drummer and bassist drive the song forward with boundless energy while vintage keyboardist Mocha fills up the room with a fresh, yet nostalgic sound that can conjure 1983 just as easily as 2022. The varied sounds of Jupiter One's multilayered dance grooves plays out loud and clear with precision not reached by many new bands these days. Jupiter One's space-age orchestral rock hits hard enough to move asses on the dance floor, and is so richly textured and thoughtfully conceived that it can open minds at the same time.


* Jupiter One EP (2005)
* Magical Mountain and the Floating Hospital (Limited edition self-release) (2006)
* Jupiter One (2007) (Limited edition self-release)
* Jupiter One (2008)
* The Remix EP (2008)
* Sunshower (2009)
* Untitled Third Studio Album (2013)


* "Countdown"/"Wrong Line"/"Turn Up the Radio" (promo single) (2006)
* "Flaming Arrow" (2009)