Ken Harrison

 For many years Ken Harrison approached songwriting as a solitary pursuit, choosing to steadily work alone and viewing songwriting more as compulsion than profession. As the songwriter half of the pop duo Wild Strawberries, he has written numerous songs for his partner Roberta Carter Harrison to sing including top ten hits in their native Canada--Heroine and I Don’t Want To Think About It.

In 2001, a series of random events led Ken and Roberta to collaborate with EDM DJ ATB on the song LET U GO which became a top ten hit on the German SINGLES chart and led to performances on Top of the Pops. Let U GO was also nominated for an ECHO award (Germany’s version of Grammy awards). Ken and Roberta continue to collaborate with ATB producing a string of hits in Europe (Hold You, I Don’t Wanna Stop, Long Way Home) and led to productive collaborations with DJs including Alex M.O.R.P.H.(Photograph), CJ Stone (Don’t Look Back), Kenneth Thomas (Drive), Pedro Del Mar and Richard Durand (Paint The Sky, All Summer Long), Danilo Ercole (Shelter, Meet You Where You Are), and DJ Amurai (Surreal Tonight).

As a result of these experiences collaborating with other writers, Ken’s eyes were opened to the potential synergy that can result from working with other people.

His current writing projects include work on his side project boywonderbread, a Wild Strawberries concept record based on their 7 year old twin boys’ love of riding the GO train, as well as collaborations with Roberta Carter Harrison, Joe Bermudez, Thom Donovan, Coury Palermo, JD Fortune and Ashwin Sood.