Kristy Thirsk

“I was put on a course into the crazy business and bohemian lifestyle of a musician shortly aftter I was born. At my baptism, the preacher told my parents he had a vision that I would be a strong willed child (my mother will vouch for that) and grow up to be a singer. Ever since I was first told that story as a child this little feeling nagged at me. I actually started trying out for bands at the age of 19. My second audition was for “The Rose Chronicles.”


“I guess the Rose Chroncles thought I passed the test because they asked me to join after that first audition. 3 months later, after only two gigs, we were signed to Nettwerk records. Rose Chronicles’ full length debut garnered a Juno award in 1994 for best alternative album. The album had sold about 15,000 copies last time I checked.”

Rose Chronicles toured across Canada a few times and also performed in a few cities on the East coast of the US.

“Actually, before Everclear were huge rock stars they opened for us at a small all-ages show in Minneapolis .”


Through her connections with Nettwerk Kristy was asked by Delerium to sing on their first release through Nettwerk. She was the only featured vocalist on “Semantic Spaces” and two of the songs she wrote and sang on became popular MuchMusic and radio singles. “Flowers become Screens”, and “Incantation”. The album itself has sold over 130, 000 copies.

The follow up to “Semantic Spaces” was “Karma” which featured Kristy’s writing and singing on 4 songs. Also featured on “Karma” were Sarah McLachlan and Lisa Gerard (Dead can Dance).

Karma sold over 450,000 copies worldwide and Kristy’s single “Heavens Earth” reached #2 on the Irish music charts and #4 in Australia.

Other songs from “Karma” featuring Kristy have been heard in movies like “Get Carter” (starring Sylvester Stallone) and HBO feature productions.


Kristy’s solo career has marked a return to songwriting, touring, and working towards the perfect album. One of Kristy’s songs appeared in the soundtrack for the for Genie Award-winning film “Kissed” and Kristy was nominated for a Genie for “Best Movie Theme” Kristy’s performance of the song at the Toronto Film festival was broadcast live on MuchMusic.

With her own band, Kristy has toured the West Coast 3 times, and played numerous shows in LA, New York, Philadelphia, and of course, Vancouver.

Kristy also continues to work as a guest singer and songwriter on Various projects. Balligomingo -She co-wrote and performed the song “Heat” on the upcoming Balligomingo CD, which will be released in 2002 by RCA Records.

Kristy is exploring new musical territory by writing and producing her forthcoming album in LA with producer Eric Rosse (Tori Amos, Lisa Marie Presley, Nash Kato of Urge Overkill)