Mike James

Mike James is a Vancouver, Canada based songwriter and top line producer who works with some of the biggest electronic producers/labels globally. He has a long list of international releases to his credit on the most influential electronic labels in the world.  Mike has also recently gone behind the mic, selectively performing a number of his own top lines, which has created a steeply rising demand for his work as an artist.

Mike has written and produced songs heard all over the world, through many different mediums including;  top 40 radio, leading electronic  festivals, network television programs, major motion pictures, film trailers, and international advertising. Mike’s songs have been licensed for use around the world hundreds of times.

He is also the founder of Milk Music Co., which signs and develops 
upcoming and established writers, producers, and artists as part of a 
joint venture with Nettwerk One Music Ltd. Prior to creating Milk
 Music, Mike was the co-founder and President of the long running 
Canadian hit production house, Hipjoint Music Group.