Monica Queen

Monica queen is - Monica - singer/writer& Johnny Smillie - guitarist/producer/writer. Monica was brought up on a diet of west coast of Scotland’s infatuation for Patsy Cline and her big brothers traditional Scottish small town mix of Bowie/Punk and Floyd she later found new influences in Dusty Springfield, Emmy Lou Harris, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Neil Young. Monica is best known presently as the singer of the 60s influenced footstomper by Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane. Johnny’s first loves were Elvis and the Shadows. Out of step with his primary school buddies he was happy playing these old records on his parents old dansette. He later discovered Neil Young and Apple Macs, and is well known for his obsession for both. They met formed a gospel band doing Al Green covers and later became The Mighty Thrum - a ferocious fire of NY guitars and country/soul vocals which burned short and bright. Now they enjoy creating whatever they fancy in their sound laboratory and are only just beginning to enjoy themselves.