Angus Stone

“I feel like it would be my most personal work to date,” he ventures on the topic of Broken Brights, the forthcoming solo release from Angus Stone. “I think I’m constantly introverting to that place, to that pocket I’ve always wanted to live inside amongst the songs & the tales that I’ve written.” 

That search has taken the enigmatic Angus to the far-sailed corners of the globe. He’s recorded in a rustic dwelling nestled in the Swiss Alps, beneath Australia’s bright-lit cherry blue skies along the coastline, to a ramshackle log cabin with a view over the lush Indian countryside. 

For the past seven years, Angus has been travelling the world as one half of brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, during which time he’s played to spellbound audiences in sold-out shows at iconic venues like London’s Royal Festival Hall and Paris’s Le Trianon. Together, the artists have sold a million records worldwide since the release of their debut EP, Chocolates and Cigarettes (2005). As the voice behind the pair's stand-out track "Big Jet Plane," which has more than 15 million YouTube views, Angus has set out on his own. 

Broken Brights marks a departure for Angus Stone, and not just from recording with his long-term musical co-conspirator, Julia. The album is proof that he can deftly shift between genres without compromising his signature sound. 

Despite the marked transition that’s taken place during the cathartic recording of Angus’ genre-spanning record, he explains, “the way I approached writing this record is the way I’ve always tried to write music: the moment a song chooses you, it will arrive and unfold in its own time… it should always be naked & willing.” 

“To sit back and let the conversation of the energy unfold into a creation, it’s important for me to know when the time is right. Or just to not know… or think I know… because truly we’ll never know. The idea gathers and gathers, until it reaches the bottleneck. Letting go is the most beautiful thing of it all.” 

In short, what Angus Stone has captured in the recording process is this: memories and imaginings from his pilgrimage around the planet. What he says about going solo could easily sum up the experience of listening to Broken Brights - “It’s a whole different trip."