Dia Frampton

“Keep going” - the theme that Dia Frampton has adopted for life, can be found throughout her forthcoming album Bruises (out now).  The self-described small town girl from Logan, Utah, with an American father and Korean mother, grew up feeling out of place among her Mormon contemporaries.  Dia launched her career with her older sister as the sibling duo Meg & Dia and as a contestant (and eventual runner-up) on the first season of NBC’s The Voice.  More than a decade later – after following the well-worn Hollywood route of listening to others and trying to fit in – Dia is now taking matters into her own hands.  Dia discusses that revelation, among many others, in a startlingly honest online essay gone viral she wrote for Medium magazine Cuepoint that confesses her frustrations and fears, but also her resolve to continue “climbing that mountain,” even as it keeps “growing.”  Bruises combines the pop music hooks of her 2011 debut Red and the wide-screen orchestrations of ARCHIS (Dia’s previous collaboration with film composer Joseph Trapanese).  Trapanese suggested his colleague Dan Heath – a film/TV and trailer composer who hasworked with Hans Zimmer, Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan, among many others – to produce the album.