Eddie Berman

Eddie Berman has been writing songs since he was a California teenager. His bedroom demos earned substantial play on vanguard public radio station KCRW 89.9 FM. He subsequently recorded and played throughout North America and Europe,  including a sold-out London residency, performing for thousands of people, in partnership with the singer Laura Marling. In fact, it was while recording a live EP with Marling in 2013, when he realized that the way he wanted to make records was to completely strip the process down. “Some of my favorite albums are recorded this way—people just sitting in a room together, capturing what they capture. There’s going to be a creaking chair here and there. A solo isn’t going to be perfect. You’re not going to sing that line the way you’d planned it. But I love that,” says Berman. “Why overcomplicate these things?” Berman is striving to get to the essence of his songs, and he did just that with his debut album, Polyhymnia, he’s done just that. It was a stunning 10-song set that handles his world-wise observations as sacred, profound texts.  Eddie signed to Nettwerk records in 2016 and will release his next full length album in Spring 2017.