Jack In Water

Jack in Water is the artist name of the idiosyncratic singer-songwriter talent William Clapson. Currently splitting his time between London and Palma de Mallorca, Clapson was brought up in a little village in Essex, listening to the diverse musical influences of his parents, ranging from the melancholy and drama created by bands such as Radiohead and The Blue Nile, to the powerful R&B and soul voices like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. It was this mix of art-rock melancholy instrumentation partnered with the emotional soulful voices of the greats that really drove him to make the music he makes today. Clapson uses music as a way of communicating emotions and ideas with himself and the world around him. He writes to connect and reconnect with himself, those close to him and those whom he may never meet, but are connected by the pain and joy of what it means to be alive and be a human being.

It is because of this drive to connect with people through art and music that Clapson is so often drawn to collaborate with friends such as Oliver Chapman. In 2012, Clapson and Chapman wrote a song called "Made of Ghosts" and recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios with The London Symphony Orchestra. It was in this same year that he released an EP titled ‘The Meaning of Events,’ which has now gone on to accumulate over 10 million streams collectively. The two most popular songs, "Epicurists" and "My Favourite Story" have gone on to be regularly featured on UK television shows. Jack in Water’s follow up EP was a three track live piano and voice collection titled ‘The Piano One’ that was recorded in a church close to where he was brought up. Each song was addressed to a different generation of his family, the Matriarch, the father and the child to be born. The most popular song, "Maggie," has over 1 million streams on Spotify now.