Kidstreet is an acoustic/electric dance band based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Produced by three siblings, Edna, Cliff and Karl Snyder. They had been playing shows together for a year when they decided to take their skills with electronic tinkering and acoustic instrumental playing and focus them directly at producing fun, experimental dance music. The band signed with Nettwerk in 2010. Kidstreet have since signed a major licensing deal with Ford. The staccato piano from their song (simply titled "Song") backs the car-maker’s latest TV spot as well as Apple's MacBook Pro with retina display TV Spot. Onstage, the band blends electronic elements with live drums, vocals, guitar and synths. They have toured with fellow Canadian artists Dragonette, Mother Mother, Thunderheist and Rich Aucoin as well as international artists Girl Talk and Health. They performed at the 2011 Canadian Music Week.