Lawson Hull


To be an artist, you must ask yourself, who am I to share my ideas and stories? Who am I to think others might find meaning in them? It’s this query that Australian singer-songwriter Lawson Hull tackles on EP, Dreaming is Easy. And while most would agree that music is a potent medicine, Lawson details the many growing pains that come with putting something out into the world. But there are also moments of deep love and appreciation that Lawson explores, and he does so with a lush sensitivity, rooted in folk and dream pop melodies.

Inspired by a range of artists from Bon Iver to Bombay Bicycle Club, Lawson first gained attention when his song “Paint” gained millions of Spotify streams. He went on to record all but one of the debut EP's songs with Sydney-based producer Billy Otto, who was able to provide a cohesive sonic palette that speaks to Lawson’s atmospheric guitar playing and his love of the outdoors. Featuring a high dose of reverb and warm stretched out chords, there’s a spaciousness that takes on an almost oceanic quality — a larger presence that swallows the listener the way nature does with its overwhelming size and beauty. Lawson’s songs land in the sonic midst of fellow Australian artists such as Kita Alexander, Angus and Julia Stone and #1 Dads.

As a collection of stories, Dreaming is Easy is like a snapshot of Lawson’s life leading up to this release but in a deeper sense, it’s an invitation. As Lawson puts it, “hopefully [it’s] a reflective moment to the listener, to act on their dreams.”