Oliver Englafjord

Icelandic DJ Oliver Englafjord, the alter ego of Swedish DJ/Producer Marcus Schössow, will release a nine-song LP titled, Myrki Heima on July 10.  Inspired by Iceland’s powerful geography, the album concept is driven by the certainty of time and nature’s inevitable course.  Paired with dreamlike vocal reflections, the visuals deliver a high concept, art-house visual soundscape.  “Basically, I started doing this project to learn about the hardware I had and to explore what happens if I do music that has no rules. For fun, I uploaded it to YouTube to see what people would say. The reaction was overwhelming; it was doing rounds on all the underground blogs and forum boards. So, I decided to make an album with it.  The whole process was very natural; from the first to the last song it took 3 years. No deadlines, no pressure or having anyone know what I was working on. The alias is all about music with no compromise and I’m super excited to embark this journey,” says Schössow.