The Pack A.D.

Formed in 2006, The Pack A.D. consists of singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller. Known for their explosive live performances and the ability to generate a massive sound with only two members, The Pack A.D. plays garage rock/pop/punk that is fierce, unapologetic, and loud as hell.

On August 27th, Nettwerk Records released a most proper introduction to the band in the form of an EP titled Some Sssongs.  The EP is a 5-song collection of tracks from previous albums (“Sirens,” “Haunt You,” “Positronic,” and “Deer”) and a new track (“Battering Ram”) from their upcoming 5th LP Do Not Engage, set for release early 2014. The timing is perfect. Black has always been a terrifyingly unhinged vocalist and a fringe-dwelling guitar goddess non pareil, but she’s learned over the years to channel her copious talents outward with range and nuance. Miller’s Keith Moon-esque disregard for the health of her drum kit now similarly displays a creeping command of lyrical subtlety, while her recent decision to start chiming in on vocals has added a whole new layer of potential to The Pack A.D. package.

The Pack A.D. didn’t get to be the two-headed rock-‘n’-roll beast it is today overnight, but by throwing itself headlong into rock ‘n’ roll and genuinely living it for seven years on the road and killing it in too many, empty clubs to mention even when only a handful of lucky people were looking – and killing at least one exhausted touring-van along the way, to boot. If you’re not already acquainted with what they’ve accomplished together as The Pack A.D., it’s high time you strapped yourself in and took a listen.