Stu Larsen

Currently, Stu Larsen has no fixed residence...all he owns is a suitcase, a guitar and a couple of cameras. You can find him in his native Australia, in Spain, Japan or South America before he picks up and leaves for his new destination.  The Queensland, Australia-born singer, songwriter, and narrator packed up his life in a suitcase and circled the globe on a near twelve-year and five-continent international trip, as chronicled in photography and music.

Since his debut EP The Black Tree, Stu’s discography carefully traces every step of his journey. “In 2014 and 2015, I was a vagabond and an adventurer.  2017 and 2018 felt a bit more solid. I was still traveling, but I knew more about who I was. 2020 has seen me searching for true love and connection in a bigger way.”  Stu has now toured the globe numerous times over, cultivating fans with sold-out concerts around the world.  As a result, fan favorites like “San Francisco” and “Thirteen Sad Farewells” have earned 100 million+ combined streams across digital platforms.  In addition to documenting his travels through photos, Stu has lived numerous adventures, including an emergency appendectomy in Indonesia and being surprised by a jaguar at a party in Mexico City.  His most recent globe-trotting adventure took him through 11 countries in 31 days, from Botswana to Argentina to Germany to Atlanta.