The Sweeplings

The Sweeplings make music that settles comfortably into the canon of classic American acoustic music, but their origin story couldn’t be more modern. Whitney Dean and Cami Bradley have been writing together for just over a year but the timelessness of their music belies the youth of their collaboration. Haunting yet hopeful, together Dean and Bradley create luring melodies and lyrics that touch on the universal and the fleeting; those shared experiences that while they’re happening might seem trivial, but go on to become waypoints in the memory of a life well lived. It might be the sudden realization that, when it comes to love, forever isn't all that long. We’re are all on the same ride to the undeniable end, yet with someone by our side we just might be able togo gently into that good night. Sonically, they approach each song asif writing for the screen. A swirl of melodies and harmonies bring you along on their journey, the sounds they craft at once giving rise to a myriad ofmental imagery.

On their latest EP, Losing Ground Vol. 1, The Sweeplings magnify the beauty of life’s simplest pleasures through folk eloquence, indie spirit, and alternative soul.