Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell started his DJ career at the age of 18 and completed his first release back in 1994 with label mate Gabriel Rene. They soon formed a strong partnership with San Francisco based band Soulstice, and later Caldwell became a solo artist. Originally a student of piano and brass instruments, he is versatile in several sub-genres of music, both electronic and organic. Incorporating the organic feel and sounds of jazz, classical, and soul, his unique production is always big on lush melody, complex chord progressions, clever bass lines, and intricate drum programming. With a consistency that’s hard to match, the accomplished California electronic music impresario produces dance floor classics that emanate undeniable, invigorating energy. Caldwell’s intoxicating DJ sets have won over fans everywhere from London and Berlin to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Along the way, his productions garnered two Grammy nominations. His work with Kaskade on the single “Sorry” snagged a nomination for Best Remixed Recording in 2008, as did his original track “Funk Nasty” featuring Gramma Funk whose Wolfgang Gartner Remix received a Best Remixed Recording nod in 2011.

Caldwell says, "I'm constantly trying to create timeless music. I want to make something that will sound as good today as twenty years from now. I pay attention to trends, but I emphasize big hooks and a solid musical foundation. In the studio, I’m emulating my live sets. I want to take people on a journey with my songs and shows. By the time you get to the end, you’ve been on a ride"