A spur-of-the-moment holiday is what lead to the creation of LEISURE. The band, who'd been writing songs and producing records in various guises for many years, decided to take their gear and create their own ideal music-making world by a beach up Auckland's stunning west coast.

Made up of five independently talented and successful members, they can be summed up as a NZ super-group, made up of producers & songwriters from popular local acts like Kids of 88 and Goodnight Nurse. LEISURE are an anomaly in the music industry. Their debut track "Got It Bad" crossed the globe with its funked up, psychedelic blissed out homage to laid-back pleasure. It seems their highly democratic band structure, where everyone can play whichever instrument they like, produced some gold dust. Having amassed over 50 million streams on their 2016 self-titled debut album, which entered at #2 in the NZ charts, they have built a rabid, loyal fan base that has seen their rare live shows sell out and become the stuff of legends. Their music has become a staple in the sync world; they have collaborated with hip-hop star, Goldlink, and have now signed globally to US & UK/EU record label Nettwerk (Vök, Mallrat, Angus & Julia Stone) for their latest album, TWISTER.