Plàsi, originally Mikael Bitzarakis, is a musician who can count the traditions of two countries in his musical heritage. Half-Swedish and half-Greek, and raised between the two countries, he has rich background to draw from. Plàsi released his first EP, Now & Then, in 2016, followed by his debut full-length People in 2018, which saw him conquer the streaming world with over 25 million plays on Spotify alone. He has since received support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, EARMILK, God Is In The TV, and Stereofox.

Mikael Bitzarakis was raised, both physically and musically, between two countries and their traditions. Born to a Greek father and a Swedish mother, he was raised back in his mother’s hometown of Piteå in Sweden’s far north, while making frequent trips a couple of thousand kilometers south to his father’s homeland of Crete. So, his musical upbringing was spent between two musical cultures. Back in Sweden, he had the benefit of the country’s strong musical education system, studying guitar, piano, bass and drums in school while later graduating to the singer/songwriter program at the country’s prestigious Rytmus School, as well as learning from his mother and aunt, both music teachers. In Crete, he watched his father, a more traditional Greek folk musician, playing around the island. Crete was also home to his father’s studio, which was his musical playground  growing up. “In the house where I was born in Greece, my father built a studio in the basement. So that’s where I learned the basics in Cubase, when I was ten or twelve or so. And then we spent ages in the studio together, learning stuff. You could say I was partially raised in the studio. I could play a lot there it was a playroom for me as a child. You climbed down these dark stony steps, and in the corner of the base ment it was. Later on, when I was 13 or 14, it was the place I would close myself away from the world and make songs.”