Hip-hop legend Nas calls her “amazing” and “an incredible artist.”  The Sunday Times hailed her as the new Lauryn Hill and said her debut album was “as good as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”  And now award-winning Nigerian singer-songwriter Nneka is back - with a captivating, reggae-tinged fourth album My Fairy Tales.

Born and raised around the Delta region of Nigeria, Nneka Lucia Egbuna moved to Germany aged 19 to study Anthropology at Hamburg University.  It was during her student years that Nneka honed her craft as a singer-songwriter. “I financed my studies in Germany by playing gigs on the underground scene,” says Nneka. “I've always written from a very young age.  I used to just write down my thoughts and experiences and lots of prayers.”   

Her politically charged lyrics swiftly established her as one of Africa's most powerful voices.  Nneka's lyrics examine a myriad of social issues, including maternal love, heartbreak and the quest for justice.  Working tirelessly over the last decade, Nneka has released 3 previous albums – Victim of Truth, No Longer At Ease and Soul Is Heavy. Her single "Heartbeat" [2009] scored her a UK Top 20 hit and spun a feature by Nas and was also sampled by Rita Ora for her #1 UK hit "R.I.P."