EA Releases Highly-Anticipated Medal Of Honor

EA officially released the hugely anticipated Medal of Honor this week across retail stores in North America. Co-developed by EA’s Danger Close Studio in Los Angeles and DICE in Stockholm, Medal of Honor heralds the return of EA’s storied first person shooter franchise with award-winning multiplayer combat and stunningly authentic single-player incursions. Set in today’s real-world war zone and inspired by actual missions in Afghanistan, Medal of Honor was developed with unprecedented access to the U.S. Army as well as active and retired Tier 1 Operators. The game brings a new level of authenticity to interactivity, inspired by soldiers’ stories from the war in Afghanistan, which the NY Times Magazine calls, “…transgressively real.”  Read more about Medal of Honor HERE.  For more information on Medal of Honor, follow the game on Twitter at medalofhonor or become a fan on the Medal of Honor Facebook Page.

Additionally, Universal Gaming Database recently interviewed Medal Of Honor composer Ramin Djawadi. He answers questions about the difference in scoring music for video games compared to TV and movies, and where he pulled his inspiration for the composing of the soundtrack. Read the entire interview HERE and check out a track from the soundtrack, "Hunter-Killer," below.

Ramin Djawadi - Hunter-Killer by nettwerkmusicgroup

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