UK-based Ladytron Contributes Music To Occupy This Album, A Compilation Inspired By Occupy Wall Street

Ladytron joins Crosby & Nash, Devo, Jackson Brown, Yo La Tengo, Lucinda Williams and filmmaker and activist Michael Moore to contribute music to Occupy This Album: A Compilation of Music By, For and Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the 99%, set for release Winter 2011-2012. Songs from big-names, as well as rising musicians, will provide an anthem for the protesters involved in the uprising.

As the protests gain momentum, the producers of Occupy This Album hope to provide a soundtrack to give the protesters a unified voice, as well as financial means to support the movement. All proceeds from the album will go directly to the growing Occupy Wall Street group.

Album cover art has been contributed by political cartoonist and illustrator, Robert Grossman. Check it out below.

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