Shiny Toy Guns Reveal Cover Art For 'III' (Oct. 23); Free Download Of "Waiting Alone (L.A. Riots Remix)" At

Nettwerk Management Artist Shiny Toy Guns have revealed today, Monday August 20 the cover art for III, their upcoming new album due out October 23 on Five Seven Music. They are also offering a free download of “Waiting Alone” remixed by L.A. Riots via

The cover artwork for Shiny Toy Guns' III was created by Ben Schwartz using a photo by Oklahoma-based artist Benjy Russell. Shot on location in a very remote gypsum rock quarry in Oklahoma, it consists of three 6' mirrored columns against a massive wall of rock. “The album title III is very strong, simple and elegant, and visually it's very sculptural. I always pictured the album artwork having the title of the album incorporated into the photo. I also wanted there to be a hardcore juxtaposition within the elements used,” says Russell of his work. “There is an almost alien-like, razor sharp precision in the mirrored columns, which is in complete contrast to the sheer weight and strength in the boulders and craggy rock facing. I also wanted there to be an element of reflection both physically and metaphorically, especially with what the band has gone through to get to this third album. Not that I could have planned this any better, but in the reflection of the columns you can see a storm receding in the distance.”

“We also shot several promotional photos that incorporated the album title into them. All of the images utilize glass, mirror, or light to execute the seemingly impossible shot without the use of photoshop,” adds Russell. “One of the shots utilized an infinity room with one wall being made out of two-way mirror (which I shot through), and another was shot with bulletproof glass and mirror.”

Meanwhile, the first single from III -“Waiting Alone”- has been remixed by fellow Angeleno producer L.A. Riots. It is available now as a free download for the next 24 hours HERE, after which the band will continue to offer the track for free Tuesday, August 21 through Friday, August 24 via

Shiny Toy Guns is Carah Faye (vocals), Chad Petree (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Dawson (keyboards/bass) and Mikey Martin (drums).

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