Friends Of Be Good Tanyas' Samantha Parton Launch Pledge Campaign To Aid Ailing Singer

Friends of Be Good Tanyas' Samantha Parton have launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise money for the singer, who was in a car accident last September. Parton's road to recovery has been long and painful, and forced her to stay off the road while the Be Good Tanyas continue to tour.  A few months ago, a CT scan revealed an aneurysm behind her left eye that needs operating. Her friends decided to launch a pledge campaign to raise money for Sam's medical bills to help ease her financial strain. Within a few days, over $10,000 has been raised, and they are only $5,000 away from their goal of $15,000. Sam's cranial surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 29.  Check out the pledge page with more details about Sam's journey and what her friends and fans are doing to help HERE



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