Ladytron To Release 'Gravity The Seducer Remixed' (Record Store Day Exclusive - November 29)

“Ladytron has continually pushed their own boundaries from record to record. Gravity the Seducer Remixed shows how far other artists can push it, and that turns out to be pretty far indeed.” – Rolling Stone

On November 29, electro-pop provocateurs Ladytron will release a Record Store Day exclusive called Gravity The Seducer Remixed - a remix compilation of tracks from their last studio album (Gravity The Seducer).

Fans can get an advance listen to select tracks from Gravity The Seducer Remixed now through November 13 via Rolling Stone at

In speaking about the release, “When we made our last studio album Gravity The Seducer we were conscious that although we wanted to make a slightly different kind of record (going further into the more atmospheric threads we had experimented with in the past), that our soul was essentially disco, and we would also make a more upbeat, parallel version of the record in collaboration with a dozen or so producers we admired. This is the eventual result, albeit a little behind schedule,” says Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt.

Ladytron have earned acclaim by relentlessly pushing boundaries, carving out new sonic and conceptual space and refusing to abide any formula or trend. See full track list below.

Past Critical Quotes For Gravity The Seducer:

"Gravity is possibly the most fearless and fully realized album of Ladytron’s career."
- Black Book Magazine

“Haunting” – Elle Magazine

"Elegant" - New York Magazine

"Ladytron has done more than survive. It has thrived...Gravity the Seducer is far more panoramic, concerned more with chord progressions and mood than easy melodies and hooks. The music uncoils, and there’s a newfound willingness to let the songs exhale."
- Boston Globe

"Moody, sensual, cool-as-ice collection…music’s finest purveyors of erudite pop music."
- Stereogum

"GTS finds Ladytron in a more fantastic mood, more ecstasy than cocaine." – MTV World

"Ladytron gives melodic impulse to plush synth parts" - NY Daily News

"hypnotizing, gothic soundscapes...with [Gravity The Seducer] they've built a better, yet infinitely more despondent, dance party" - New York Times

“’Gravity The Seducer,’ a work full of the lush keyboard and synthesizer arrangements they are known for.” – The New Yorker

“The key to Ladytron’s endurance is its marriage of futuristic sonics to old-fashioned tunecraft.” – Time Out New York

“more of a cinematic experience than anything they’ve done before." - MTV Hive

"This may be Ladytron’s most difficult album, but it’s also one of their most cohesive."
All Music Guide

"They leave on a totally unexpected high note, producing memorable moments in ways they hadn’t before." - Consequence Of Sound

"Gravity The Seducer echoes the pure pop and tears off into new terrain dominated by deep, seductive beats." - Time Out Chicago

“Ladytron, the Liverpool quartet that plays icy synth pop, has taken a twist with its moody fifth album." – San Francisco Chronicle

"Gravity the Seducer is softer and hazier than usual...into pillowy textures and slow-moving coos" -

Track List:

1. White Elephant (Strange Fruit Remix)
2. Mirage (Mixhell Remix)
3. White Gold (Tarsius Remix)
4. Ace Of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)
5. Ritual (Reset! Remix)
6. Moon Palace (ARIISK Remix)
7. Altitude Blues (Outfit Remix)
8. Ambulances (Gosteffects Remix)
9. Melting Ice (The Chaotic Good Remix)
10. Transparent Days (SONOIO Remix)
11. 90 Degrees (Somekong Remix)
12. Aces High (Ladytron Remix)

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