Nettwerk One Writer/Producer Fredro Hits Japan

Acclaimed NW1 writer/producer Fredro recently returned from a very successful two-week writing trip to Japan, a market where he's recently seen a great deal of success, having extensively worked with artists such as Namie Amuro, Tohoshinki, and Ai.

Both Namie Amuro’s album Feel, which featured Fredro’s song “Hands On Me,” and Tohoshinki’s album Secret Code, featuring “Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte ShimattandarĊ?,” were certified platinum in Japan. Feel was also the second most sold album worldwide, just behind Jay Z, on release week.

Although halfway across the world and submersed in an entirely different culture, Fredro was able to find a piece of home. Lil’ Eddie (seen above with Fredro), a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum American singer/songwriter who Fredro collaborated with on his album Emotional (“Miracles” and “Save Me From Myself”), released the aforementioned album in Japan at the end of October. Since then, Lil’ Eddie hit #1 on the Japanese iTunes Soul chart with his single “Miracles,” featuring TLC’s T-Boz. Previously, Lil’ Eddie had released three #1 albums in Japan.

During his stay in Japan, Fredro was also able to meet with various Japanese artists that he has worked with in the past, including MiChi (Sony Music Entertainment; pictured below).

Fredro’s trip wasn’t complete without experiencing a concert in true J-POP style: SM Entertainments’ SM Town at the Tokyo Dome, which included groups and artists such as Girls Generation, Tohoshinki, Boa, and Shinee.


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