Run River North Residency At Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles, CA); Partners With Swipe For Humanity At The Shows

"Run River North stays the course -- and finds success." - NPR

"Snappy rock and chamber folk frames their tales of their parents' dreams and struggles to find purchase in America." - Wall Street Journal

"the band’s ambitious folk pop instrumentals, and embellished with frontman Alex Hwang’s dulcet, Ben Gibbard-like tones, is a sense of possibility" - MTV World

Catch Los Angeles-based newcomers Run River North at Hotel Café for their highly-anticipated 2013 residency (Nov 13, 20, 27 and Dec 4). Classically-trained, the band will showcase their ambitious, distinctive folk/rock flair. Self-titled debut album is available February 25th via Nettwerk Records (Pre-order at iTunes now).

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At the shows, Run River North will partner with Swipe For Humanity to support Liberty in North Korea. LiNK is a non-profit that brings awareness to the plight of the North Korean people and rescues runaway refugees in China.   Swipe For Humanity turns credit card fees into charitable dollars by matching the rates and fees businesses, brands and/or artists are paying to accept credit cards and redirect 50% of their margin to a partnered cause. With this relationship, 50% of all credit card purchases of merchandise at the shows will go to LiNK and its refugee work.



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