ARCHIS Shares "Bittersweet" Official Music Video; Debut EP Out Today

Watch/Share Official Music Video For "Bittersweet" Which Premiered On Kick Kick Snare

"Music’s ability to evoke emotion is pretty much unparalleled, and when a song is done right, it’ll wrap you around its finger and take you along for whatever ride it’s planned...“Bittersweet” is filled with a passion and technical precision that’s extremely rare. ARCHIS is their passion project, and it shows from the first note to the very last." – Hilly Dilly (“Most Popular Song Of The Week”)

“From start to finish, it's an absolutely mesmerizing song" – Diffuser.FM (“Let Me Love”)

"The EP is a cohesive mix of bright melodies and gorgeous instrumentation that highlights both artist’s strengths, while consolidating their artistic visions. From the rolling drums of opener “Blood” to the swelling horns of “Bittersweet,” ARCHIS is a cinematic adventure and a fearless pop offering from one of the most unexpected, but promising pairings out there today." - Indie Current

"ARCHIS are a singer/producer duo, but not the chanteuse-and-synthesizer variety that proliferate in the pop marketplace. No, on Archis’ self-titled EP, there are strings and horns involved, and it sounds sublime." – BuzzBands.LA

“ARCHIS is a sonic collaboration between the crazy talented Dia Frampton and the equally adept Joseph Trapanese. The product of their partnership is a pretty killer combo. Frampton’s voice and songwriting style are unique and haunting with just enough pop sensibility. Trapanese creates an orchestral backbone that makes you feel all the feelings.” – Kick Kick Snare

With their debut EP, ARCHIS has gained the attention of tastemakers for both the novel concept behind its inception and the cinematic, chilling and powerful music videos that accompany the tracks. Partnering with Kick Kick Snare, ARCHIS shares the official music video for “Bittersweet,” the second installment of a connected trilogy.

"Bittersweet" is about the loss of a dear relationship, a connection that was broken, and no matter how hard you try, you can't get it back. Sometimes you just have to let the past be the past. When you try to rekindle something you long for, it can end up stale and will never be what it used to. It's hard to let go, and those memories can haunt you in your sleep and never let you rest,” says Frampton.

ARCHIS is the artistic pairing of singer/songwriter Dia Frampton and Joseph Trapanese, a film composer and conductor known for his collaborations with Daft Punk on the Tron score and M83 on the score for Oblivion, as well as arrangements for artists like Kelly Clarkson, Active Child and Zedd. Other artists have performed their albums with the backing of a symphonic orchestra, but few have written songs with the sole intent to merge the rich, textured instrumentation of horns and strings to pop vocals. Out today, the initial product of this novel concept, a six-song EP, starts off with “Blood,” a declaration of intent for Frampton, who has already experienced a lifetime in the music business, but is finally feeling the personal fulfillment of doing what she wants.

A unique combination of Frampton’s autobiographical lyrics and Trapanese’s spacious, cinematic orchestrations, ARCHIS sees Frampton define and achieve her true musical vision. Today, ARCHIS will debut tracks from the upcoming EP with an exclusive performance at Swing House, featuring a full orchestra. To get ticket information, please visit:

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