lùisa Releases Video For Single "Belong"

German singer/songwriter lúisa, who recently signed to Nettwerk label roster (EU only), has released a video for "Belong," the first single from her forthcoming album Never Own (May tba). The video is produced by Tilo Kux of the Düsseldorfer film collective "grown." He and lúisa worked together on the concept of the video and directed together as well. Watch the stunning finished produc above. 

While the album was recorded both inside an old light ship in London and in a country house at the shores of the North Sea, lúisa ventures deep into German forests for the "Belong" video. She was accompanied by acrobat and aerial rope performer Daniel Görich, who had to endure a number of discomforts during the shot.

"They were some incredibly nice but intense days: Between hours of body painting starting at 5 in the morning, ice cold shots in the woods with numb feet, and strenuous rope artistry in an old factory, there was no time to fool around in the Rhenish atmosphere," explains lúisa.

The Hamburg-born artist impresses with her smoky voice, signature guitar lines and expressive compositions. On Never Own, lúisa combines her folk roots with electronic mysticism, strong melodies with headstrong pop. Dancing between quiet introspection and stormy outbursts, the artistic progress of the 22-year-old can also be read in her vivid lyrics, which are sung in English, French and Italian. 


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