British Rock Band The Outfield Return With Two New Releases In 2011

British rock band The Outfield is back with two new releases slated for early 2011. Nettwerk One Music has been working with the The Outfield’s writer/guitarist John Spinks since 2007, and has witnessed him put together an impressive set of songs that will comprise the first new studio release from the band in nearly six years.

Spinks reunited the band’s original line up--Tony Lewis (lead vox/bass) and Alan Jackman (drums)--at the turn of the year, and they have spent the majority of 2010 recording, overdubbing and mixing in various studios in southern England. The result is a powerful album that combines the band's original classic guitar sound with a more mature and developed sound, appealing to old and new fans alike.

In advance of the studio album, expected in Summer 2011, Sony's Legacy label will be releasing one new title, "California Sun," as part of The Very Best Of: The Outfield (out January 25th) through their successful Playlist series. In addition to the brand new track, the collection will include major hits like "Your Love,” "All The Love In The World,” "Voices Of Babylon" and "For You.”

Since their Billboard chart debut in 1985, The Outfield have had 10 chart hits and have sold over 10 million records, including their best known hit single "Your Love” from the 1985 Columbia Records album Play Deep. Recent years have seen many artists create their own versions of "Your Love,” from Katy Perry and Chromeo to Wyclef Jean and Top Modelz.

Nettwerk One MD Blair McDonald says of the news, “Since we started working with John [Spinks], he has been very focused on the making of this record. His enthusiasm dedication and energy is as compelling as ever, and it shows in the record he and the band have delivered. These songs are of a standard, and the production of a quality, that will put this album up along side the best Outfield albums of the past. We’re proud to be associated with this project and look forward to working with John, the band and their management in bringing this to the widest possible audience.”


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