Chris Batson Shares His Rendition Of "Stay With Me" By Sam Smith

 “This may be the best cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” so far”
Huffington Post

 Today, Alternative R&B artist & singer/songwriter Chris Batson shares his beautiful cover of Sam Smith’s ubiquitous hit “Stay With Me.”

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At only 22-years of age, Los Angeles-based Batson writes the most poignant and deeply personal lyrics, matched with a vocal soulfulness beyond his years. On his debut EP, We Got Lost Along The Way, Batson draws from relationships with friends and partners and his own inner conflicts, penning heart-wrenching stories from his dark and unpredictable life experiences, thoughts and emotions. With that rare ability for provocative lyricism, Batson masterfully pairs his words with melodic hooks and instrumentals that unveil an authenticity and talent that are not just refreshing, but also relevant. Listen To The Full EP Here:

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