Peter Murphy And Rednote Partner For Innovative Music-Discover/Sharing Campaign

Following its successful partnership with renowned EDM artist, Morgan Page, Boston-based tech-firm Rednote has now partnered with the legendary Peter Murphy. Mr. Murphy, widely known for his pioneering work as vocalist for the influential British band Bauhaus, has released his tenth solo album, Lion, to critical acclaim, and is now on a North American tour in support of it.

As part of the marketing and promotion of Lion, Mr. Murphy’s team and his label, Nettwerk, have joined forces with Rednote, the leading provider of licensed musical snippets shared in text and social conversations.

Utilizing Rednote’s technology, Peter Murphy fans now have the ability to add musical snippets of the songs (“Rednotes”) from Mr. Murphy’s new album to their text messages as easily as they would attach a photo to a text. With a few clicks, Peter Murphy fans can insert Rednotes from Lion into their text conversations, and send them to their friends (and so on).

Additionally, by utilizing the Rednote technology, Peter Murphy creates a new channel for promotion and merchandising. Specifically, the campaign utilizes Rednote’s technology to facilitate the process by which current and new fans of Peter Murphy’s work will be able to purchase Peter Murphy tickets and memorabilia. 

In so doing, an entire new means of viral marketing emerges; one in which the Holy Grail of marketing — connecting emotionally with people on the ever-ubiquitous phone — has finally been untapped.

The Rednotes are now available on a dedicated Peter Murphy Lion app for iOS, Android, as well as via a web browser.

“We love that we can help artists engage with their fans by adding music and emotion into text conversations.” said Richard van den Bosch, CEO of Rednote. This effort follows successful song messaging campaigns for Nettwerk artists Savoir Adore and Morgan Page. “Our technology platform is simple and easy for artists while being a fun way for fans to hear and share material that’s newly released. Artists can also offer their fans information on concert dates, pledge campaigns, ticket sales, and merch and more. We’re seeing some great results and glad to be helping artists!”

About Rednote: Rednote™ is the only music service that let’s users send licensed “audio emoticons” into their text conversations. Rednote’s robust HTML5 platform is capable of sending 40,000 snippets simultaneously and millions of Rednote per day. For more information, please visit If you are interested in a distribution partnership, or sponsorship please contact Richard van den Bosch, CEO and Founder, at 617.980.1247.

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