Premieres Chris Baston's New Video For "Windows"


"Batson's emotional vocals cut to the heart of the matter."

In the video for Chris Batson's new single, "Windows," the 22-year-old L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer takes an already emotional song to another level with a concept to which anyone with a heart in their chest can relate.

Chris Batson brings sheer emotion and a stimulating sound to Alt-R&B/Soul music. "Windows" is a deep song that deals with loss and letting go, the video exemplifies the pain and reality of love in real-life. Batson's new video features actress/model Aurelia Scheppers as the leading lady, and portrays the multiple emotions of a young couple faced with separation when the husband is called to serve his country in the military. The visual for "Windows" is the last installment from a trilogy of videos on Batson's We Got Lost Along The Way EP that follows the same female protagonist as she contends with the consequences of her actions. Chris broke down the back story on writing the song "Windows" during an extremely candid EP Confessional taped for his fans, check it out here:

At only twenty-two years of age, Los Angeles-based Batson, who MTV Buzzworthy called "a dash-of-R&B-tinged-Bon Iver-ish production," writes the most poignant and deeply personal lyrics, matched with a vocal soulfulness beyond his years. Drawing from relationships with friends and partners and his own inner conflicts, Chris pens heart-wrenching stories from his dark and unpredictable life experiences, thoughts and emotions. With that rare ability for provocative lyricism, Batson masterfully pairs his words with melodic hooks and instrumentals that unveil an authenticity and talent that are not just refreshing, but also relevant.

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