Pint Shot Riot

Pint Shot Riot is an indie rock band from Coventry, England. Their line-up consists of Richard 'Rocket' Emerson (guitar / vocals), Chris 'Mini Rocket' Connoll (drums / backing vocals), David 'Baby Dave' Page (bass) and Rob Clements (lead guitar / backing vocals). Influenced by the spiky rhythms and even spikier lyrics of The Clash, the working class rock ‘n’ roll attitude of Oasis and the melodies and harmonies of The Kinks. Pint Shot Riot’s songs talk not of despair but of hope, not of everyday mundane life but of dreams, not of isolation but of strength in union. It’s an ambition. A promise.

The name of the band was derived from an observation made by Emerson who, when using predictive text to message a friend, noticed that the three words are all entered using the same numerical combination and, according to Page, "it just seemed a perfect fit".