Raffi is a Canadian-Armenian singer-songwriter. He is well-loved by the children of the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s for his popular children's songs.

Some of Raffi's best-known children's songs are Bananaphone, Baby Beluga, Down by the Bay, Shake My Sillies Out, and Schmenge Polka.
Most of Raffi's children's albums include small, simple, folk instrumentations, prominently featuring Raffi's vocal and guitar work. Early works included contributions from Toronto-area folk musicians, including Ken Whiteley and Bruce Cockburn. Raffi also incorporated many world music sounds into his records.

His CDs, books and videos have sold over 15 million copies in Canada and the US. A generation saw him perform Down by the Bay and his signature song, Baby Beluga. “Beluga grads” often tell him that they are now raising their own children with his music.