Sea Lion

Armed with the kind of voice that could shatter even the most hardened of souls, Sea Lion is the recording project of Gothenberg’s Linn Osterberg and Sanna’s Song is a devastatingly pretty introduction to her cautious and enveloping world. She describes her musical act very cryptically. From the depths of the deep, murky blue arises an ethereal beauty challenging the injustices and blandness of life’s inflections. With the help of an electric guitar, Sea Lion strips it all back to the innate components of love, life and learning. Channeling similar sounds of Kate Bush, Sea Lion will dig into your heart and mind with an innocent rawness and individuality. This makes her stand out from the huge crowd of singer-songwriters who accompany themselves on the guitar in a traditional fashion. Some listeners may initially find Osterberg's simultaneously hushed and high-pitched vocals disconcerting, and they are to be sure an acquired taste. But when paired with the band's beautiful, minimalistic music, it's hard to image any other voice in these songs. Sea Lion is more than just a novelty act, as Osterberg is also an exceptional lyricist and songwriter, as "The Loneliest Boy in New York" proves.