Troy Samson’s "They Don’t Know About Us" is Victoria Duffield's Current Single & Sizzling on Youtube.

NW1 composer Troy Samson has much to celebrate this holiday season. His song "They Don’t Know About Us" is Victoria Duffield’s current single from her album “Shut Up and Dance.”  The track features Cody Simpson and has just been released to radio, but is already getting heavy views on Youtube, currently 360k and climbing.

Troy co-wrote this track with Rachel Suter, Victoria Duffield, Mack Mckinney, and Saleem "Lazy Boi" Asad

Great work Troy!

Troy Samson is a songwriter producer based in Vancouver, BC. He is published with Nettwerk One Music, is a co founder of Hipjoint Music Group, and the owner of Madlucky Music.

Troy has written and produced for Kelly Rowland, Victoria Duffield, Cody Simpson, Stef Lang, Hedley, Kreesha Turner, Shiloh, Dawn Langstroth, Craig Smart, Mika Nakashima, Delerium, Sarah Connor, Haddaway, The Underdog Project, Moka Only, Snoop Dogg & Pam Grier (in The L Word series), soulDecision, West End Girls, CK One, Nikon, NFL, Hipjoint Music Group, Booya Music, Warner Chappell Music, Dexter Entertainment, and many more.