Aisha Badru

“I feel like we live two lives at once,” says Aisha Badru, the singer-songwriter whose whispery observations have evolved, in just three short years, into evocative assurance. “For me, it’s that image of what I thought I was, and then watching that person die by the hand of truth. Being reborn.” 

Her latest, The Way Back Home (out December 3, 2021 via Nettwerk), her third EP, is the sonic equivalent of a comforting hug. It feels like an antidote to her sweetly melancholic debut, Pendulum, which negotiated her underprivileged upbringing. Along the way, Aisha’s humanistic confessionals have won more than 100M+ streams, a fanbase in Europe, and the praise of publications (such as NPR, who celebrated her “warm and inviting” approach). While writing The Way Back Home, she says, “I knew exactly what to say without thinking about it. It was as if I was writing exactly from my heart.” 

Perhaps the most resonant theme threaded throughout The Way Back Home is the overwhelming sense that this second life of Aisha’s has only just begun. “I feel like that’s what my whole life has been, leaning into those uncomfortable feelings,” she says. “But that’s where the medicine is. I’m constantly leaning into this discomfort, and it always turns out well.”