DYLYN is Gwendolyn Lewis. Growing up on the outskirts of Toronto on a musical diet of Led Zeppelin and Blondie, DYLYN released her 80’s synth-rock infused debut EP Sauvignon In a Kimono in 2018, featuring the breakout track “Secret.” Since its release, “Secret” has quietly amassed an impressive YouTube profile – over 100 million streams - due in large part to the Gacha Life anime community (10 million active users) adopting the song as its anthem of family betrayal.  Gacha Life is a successful online game that you can play on your mobile phone. It allows you to create your own characters in an anime look. Working with Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) and Colin Munroe (Kendrick Lamar) on new material, Gwen has evolved beyond the electro-pop sounds of her previous releases to explore the harder-edged shadows of her creativity on a forthcoming EP and album to be released on Nettwerk Records.