Mountain Bird

Through Mountain Bird, Stockholm-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Öhman is finding beauty in the darkest places. After his breakout Cubism EP launched Mountain Bird into the international spotlight for the first time in 2018, Öhman now shares DearBrainLetMeSleep EP, marking a turning point in his young career as Mountain Bird. But Öhman’s story starts much earlier.  When he wasn’t spending hours watching his music-teacher mother sing and play the piano as a child, Öhman was sneaking into his older sister’s room to bang on her drum set. She became his mentor early on, until he began taking lessons on his own. The drums were his world for eight years, when he decided to learn the piano. But as his impeccably produced tracks attest, Öhman remains rhythmically gifted, and is often called upon by other musicians to help produce their tracks. He even wrote hip hop beats for TV4, the biggest network in Sweden.  With his fearlessness, honesty, and commitment to perfection, Adam Öhman’s Mountain Bird is a force that will soon be heard everywhere.